This site is new, we welcome any suggestions or feedback!

This site is definitely NOT looking to compete with all the great Jeep and 4×4 Off-Road clubs in the state, a big part of why this site was developed was to help people find a Jeep/4×4 club.

We have links to all of the clubs we know of, and we would like to setup a separate page for each club…

On their page they can login with a username and password giving them complete control over their page!

We can tell you what we want on this site…

Maine Jeep Owners to get to know more about their Jeep’s
Maine Jeep Owners to get to know other Maine Jeep Owners
Maine Jeep Owners to find a club that organizes off road events

Maine Jeep Owners become Members just by picking a username and password and hopefully posting a picture of their Jeep’s!

We have just added a message board system where members can share photos of their Jeep’s, as well as get help and info about what you can do with and to your Jeep!

We can tell you what won’t be on this site…

Membership Fee’s

Personal Info – The only personal info we will ever ask is the basic Username, Password and Email address as required for the Message Boards…this information will NEVER be shared with anyone, in fact your password will be encrypted so we can’t even see it!

Please contact us with any suggestions, links you think would be great to share and to let us know about any Jeep/4×4 club that isn’t on our initial list…